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Current Project – NoMoreBytes
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Current Project

At the moment im working on Saga of Inurias, my new browser mmorpg.
This will be a long time project, not sure if i can make any other tool or game while working on it.

It will be a very complex browser based 2d tilemap open world rpg.
It will look like a RPG Maker game (thats what i want it to look) with battle system of final fantasy. At first i wanted to create it so flexible that it can be played on pc, tab and mobile.. but for now it will only work in hd resolution or at least .. cant remember.. However, since it will be a browsergame at first, i think its okay if it wont work on mobiles for the first testversion.

Its a very big project, i really could need some help…

Im looking for all kind of helpers, but at first i need the following:
1.) Map Maker (Create the map, design the world. there are only a very things you have to mention, with all others you can be creative as you want. Just make a beautiful world… 🙂 )
2.) Quest/Story Writer/Maker (Write Quests and dialoges, concept quest kinds, write story)
3.) NPC/Monster Creator (Create (maybe even paint) monsters, stats, storys, drops, etc.)
4.) GFX Artist (Create tilemaps, monsters, items, whatever.. (make images or/and give them stats and story)
5.) Any other creative people who wants to help

All helpers will get a free 1 month premium account and can be integrated in storys too. There will also be a list of all helpers, and maybe you even get a unique all time title for your account.

If you want to learn more about SoI (Saga of Inurias) just tell me.

This will be the 4th part of this game series, but the first browser based version. From now on it will count as SoI I or maybe SoI BG (for BrowserGame 😛 ^^)

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