EVE IGB and API Features

Im back to EVE-Online for some time, and i started to make some EVE tools again. My EVE Mine Reminder i wont redo i think, no need for this anymore.
But i got many useful ideas how to help to increase profit and calculate some stuff.

I have a small Corp in EVE (Minmatar Profit Hunters), most of them are miners, like me.
So ill start with some mining/industry related tool, and then lets see what other stuff i could use.

I already remade the old Profit-Analyzer, its now available for all corp members at corp website and in english.

I want some comfort for the users, so the profit analyzer will save the last entered price for each mineral, and also will use those values in all other calculations where it calculates with minerals.
In order to save this users have to trust the site (So the site can get the CharName and save entered values for the user).

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